Thousands of families receive free school supplies

Families from across Austin filled Round Rock High School for the 3rd annual Kutz 4 Kidz event.

"What we are doing is giving free haircuts, backpacks, and school supplies for the kiddos." Kevin Banks, founder and CEO of Dream Big, said, "Year one in Round Rock for Kutz 4 Kidz we had about 1,200 people that showed up and today we are anticipating anywhere between 6,000, 7,000, 8,000, 9,000 people if not more."

Multiple organizations worked for most of the year in order to provide more than 10,000 backpacks as well as free health examinations and other services.

"We gave about $50,000 in product supplies so we could support as many students as possible this year," Marianne Reap, of the Partners and Education Foundation, said.

Parents like Chantal Smith and Lisa Powell are happy that they will be able to send their children to school with more than just a smile.

"It's great, it's really helpful. Everything is pretty much in the bags for them and they appreciate it," Powell said.

"It helps her out that she is not going to have to ask or borrow. It's hers and she can be like everyone else and put her name on her things and stuff like that," Smith said.

The event also helps teachers in the classroom.

"It's amazing how much of a distraction it can be if a kid is like 'oh let me borrow a pen! Do you have any paper?' It just creates this whole chain of events in a classroom and it is so nice to be able to avoid that but to also help the kids be ready," Kat Malone, a teacher at Success High School, said.

While students will not only feel and look good before going back to school, parents such as John Jackson, a father of seven, will have one less thing to worry about.

"You still got the clothes, you still have to worry about doctors appointments, dentist appointments, and everything that goes with the schools and throughout the school year with different events that go on so one little, small token goes a long way," Jackson said.