Three City Council members re-elected but one ousted

Austinites re-elected three City Council members and ousted one. Another will face a runoff.

"The voters have spoken." That's the only comment incumbent District 6 City Council member Don Zimmerman had on election night at his campaign headquarters.

Just minutes after early results came in showing opponent Jimmy Flannigan with a strong lead, Zimmerman threw in the towel and insisted there was no way he could defeat Flannigan. 

For his part, Flannigan was a happy man.

"I fell fantastic." Flannigan said. "It's really overwhelming to see this level of support. 57,58 percent in early vote. I mean that's a landslide, that's a mandate. That shows it's ready for change. It's ready to see some work get done. It's ready for progress. I'm just over the moon."

Flannigan first ran against Zimmerman two years ago. Since Zimmerman took office he has had his share of controversial moments on the dais. Meanwhile the Flannigan campaign kept going.

This time council members will get a four year term instead of just two. Flannigan says he's not sure yet what the next four years will bring but he's already got the first six months planned out.

Flannigan will search for a new city manager and make sure mobility bond projects are off to a good start.

As for the other city council races, incumbent Delia Garza will keep her District 2 seat. She pulled in 65% against Casey Ramos and Wesley Faulkner.

District 4 incumbent Greg Casar will also keep his seat getting 61% of the vote against challengers Gonzalo Camacho and Louis Herrin.

Leslie Pool will continue to represent District 7 earning 72% of the vote against Natalie Gauldin.

A run off is expected for District 10. Sheri Gallo, the incumbent, finished with 48% while one of her three opponents, Dr. Alison Alter, got 36%.