Three local veterans receive free vehicles

Thursday was a life changing day for some Austin-area veterans.

For some of our nation's heroes, transportation options are limited, so three area military veterans received refurbished cars from Progressive Insurance, and Auto Nation.

Navy veteran Tiffany Washington said not only will it be easier to get around town, but she can cultivate her business. “This car means so much to me. This car is going to be used to make my farm successful, profitable, get out here and help my community. I’m able to go from community center to community center and help people,” she said.

Kimberly Ward said without a car, she had to limit her son's extracurricular activities. “He used to always want to be in sports and he was just used to us not being able to,” said Ward, also a U.S. Navy veteran.

Elena Elwart said she will be able to accomplish some sought-after goals now too.

“My dreams to provide service dogs for veterans has been on hold for many years. It was being pushed back more and more. Now it's a two-year window that I can see this happening,” said Elwart.

For the companies, it is a way to thank the veterans for their service.