Viral video helps Austin sandwich shop get more business

A Austin sandwich shop made headlines after it posted a viral video of a dog holding a sub sandwich.

Co-owners Albert and Agon Demi, who also happen to be brothers, opened Cooper's Sandwiches in Southwest Austin in 2019. 

Albert says he and his wife adopted Cooper almost nine years ago and at the time Cooper was very anxious and wasn't really eating. One day they went and got some subs and left them on a table and when they stepped away, Cooper grabbed one off the table and ate it. 

After the sub-stealing incident, Albert says Cooper opened up and started eating and really becoming himself. So when they had the opportunity to open up a sub shop, they thought it would be perfect to name it after Cooper.

The brothers say the idea to post the video about the shop came about due to things changing after the pandemic. Fewer people returned to the offices around the shop, so there was less foot traffic. 

 The video was just supposed to raise awareness about the shop, but it did more than that, it went viral. On TikTok alone the video has garnered more than two million views and more than 560,000 likes. 

Cooper's offers a regular subs as well as a variety of specialty sandwiches that are all named after the family's dogs. Popular ones include the Apollo, the Simba, and of course the Cooper which is buffalo chicken with buffalo sauce, bleu cheese, and lettuce on a brioche bun.

The shop also has pizza, pizza rolls, home-baked cookies  and it also serves Amy's Ice Cream.

Cooper's is of course very dog-friendly and offers a doggie sandwich is usually wheat or white bread with a thin layer of peanut butter and meat if the owner wants it.

For more on Cooper's Sandwiches you can go to their website

The shop is open six days a week and is located at 4601 Southwest Parkway.