Tornado possibly touched down in Williamson County

Deputies with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office are responding to reports of a tornado possibly touching down within the county. According to WCSO Sheriff Chody, multiple reports came in of a funnel cloud in the area of Country Road 110 at Limmer Loop. 

There were also reports of a funnel cloud in the area of County Road 366 and Chandler Road. 


Severe weather is affecting the celebrations planned in Central Texas for the Fourth of July.

Safety is a paramount for everyone celebrating the national holiday. 



At this time, Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic is being evacuated due to severe weather approaching. In a message posted on the Facebook event page, attendees were told: "Please seek shelter in your vehicle or find a staff member to assist you to a safe area. Monitor social media for an announcement when it is safe to return and performances will resume."

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While no warnings or advisories have been issued for the Austin-Travis County metro area, there is significant lightning activity in the area. Texas ranks among the top states for lightning fatalities each year. Lightning can occur up to 10 miles away from a storm, and may be conducted through a number of surfaces including the ground.