Tornando surpises Leander residents, leaves damage in it's path

Williamson County residents got quite the scare Sunday morning - including Brian Posey and his young daughter who got a glimpse of the ominous tornado as it hovered over trees in the horizon. 

"Looked out the window in the horizon and saw the clouds start to drop so I came out with a camera and started recording and it was just crazy to see that live,"  said Posey. 

He was able to capture video in Leander close to East Windemere Street.

Cell phone video shows a funnel cloud touching down, seconds in debris can be seen being swept up. 

"Out here we see all sorts of activity but never a tornado. I didn't see a cow today," said Posey. 

He said he knew his home or family weren't in the path. "I knew the winds weren't moving towards us so we weren't in any danger but it was surprising to see debris flying up. If you zoom in on the video you can see stuff getting thrown around into the air," said Posey. 


The tornado did do some damage to some parts of Williamson County.

From Leander to just north of highway 29. 

The Leander Fire Department said it caused power outages for several customers and damaged three homes. Some residents told FOX 7 that their roof had been ripped off, shingles lifted up and trees split in half. The U.S. National Weather Service for Austin-San Antonio surveyed the area rating the twister an EF-1, with peak winds of 90 miles an hour.
Fortunately, there were no reported injuries.

"It didn't sound like anyone was hurt the Leander police department was called up to take a look at the area but it was a pretty interesting morning. To a tornado that close was a little disturbing but you just have to be vigilant for that stuff. " 

Though it was only on the ground for just five miles it left a trail that residents were stuck cleaning up.