Traps installed in Del Valle to catch rogue alligator living in pond

A neighborhood in Del Valle might be a little safer after traps wee set to catch a rogue gator that's been on the loose.

There were rumors rampant that two alligators nesting in a nearby pond.

That myth was laid to rest Wednesday night when more than two dozen homeowners from the Berdoll Farms Community showed up to hear from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Not only did they assure residents that there is only one but they laid out there plan for wrangling it.

Traps were installed in the retention pond two days ago, they will be checked in about eight days to see if the gator's been caught. Officials warned neighbors not to try and stir the traps or disturb the trapper when he comes to check them

A warning from police was first issued last year when the alligator was first spotted, residents wouldn't catch him on camera though until a few weeks ago.

We are told the homeowners association owns the pond and the city of Austin manages it but Texas Parks and Wildlife are the ones who set the two traps.