Travis & Bastrop County Sheriff's Offices team up to investigate eight homicides

The number of homicides in Del Valle is now up to eight within two months.

FOX 7 was first to bring you this story.

Bastrop County Sheriff's Deputies say a woman, believed to be the victim of a hit-and-run on Monday, actually died from gunshot wounds. Authorities believe it could be drug related.

From eight homicides in two months, to drug trafficking - Del Valle residents say enough is enough.

"We can't be afraid and let these people take over our neighborhood. I want to stand up for my community, especially cause my children are here and they're going to grow up here," says Del Valle resident.

For her safety we hid her identity but she wants her voice heard, hoping neighbors will come together to help authorities bring this to an end.

Since Del Valle is near the county lines, Travis County is investigating seven of the bodies found. Bastrop County is investigating one at this time. That was first thought to be a hit-and-run.

It was early Monday morning when a passerby reported a body at the intersection of FM 535 and Wolf Lane. The victim has been identified as 28-year-old Amber Taylor from Paige, Texas.

FOX 7 obtained autopsy results with the cause of death: gunshot wounds.

This makes it the 8th homicide in Del Valle within two months.

"Even the quadruple homicide, you know, shook our community. I didn't know them or anything like that but that's never happened before. What's the story behind that? We don't get any updates; we haven't heard anything about it. Why did it take a woman to get shot and killed for them to be involved," says Del Valle resident.

Evidence suggests the vehicle involved is missing its driver side front window.

Further investigation has determined this shooting may be drug related. Bastrop County has seen an increase in drug related offenses in the past few years, resulting in multiple arrests and pounds of drugs being taken off the streets. We spoke exclusively with the Bastrop County Sheriff on Monday.

"I mean we've seen the most homicides this year, six currently this year, than we've seen in the previous eight years. Most of them seem to be either drug-related or domestic disturbance related," says Sheriff Rosanna Abreo.

In October, the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office re-formed their drug unit. They have assigned four people to handle narcotics cases. In the coming weeks, they will add two drug K9s to their team.

Some residents believe it's long overdue which is why they reached out to FOX 7 for help.

"I appreciate you keeping up with this story because I watched the other news stations last night and not one of them spoke about Del Valle and the murders that have been going on. FOX 7 is the only one that's been keeping up with this story," says Del Valle resident.

First there was the quadruple homicide on September 8th. It happened at a home on the 8300 block of Linden Road. About three weeks later, two decomposed bodies were found in a field in the 16000 block of Pearce Lane. This past Sunday a body was found in the trunk of a burning car on Buck Lane. Then early Monday morning an 8th body was found in the roadway near Wolf Lane and FM 535.

On top of that, a woman named Jessica Brown was murdered in June just north of Bastrop. The sheriff's office says she was not the intended target but it appears to be the result of a drug trafficking territory dispute.