Travis County and Williamson County compete for 'Samsung' facility

A new Samsung semiconductor manufacturing facility could be making its way to either Manor near the current Austin Samsung facility or in Taylor. 

According to documents filed with the Texas Comptrollers office, Samsung has put in applications with Taylor ISD and Manor ISD. They are doing this to get tax incentives once they decide on where to build.

"Taylor is a prospering little city now and I think it would be really good economically for Taylor," said Mary Hill, who lives in nearby Thorndale.

Hill grew up in Thorndale. She thinks the facility would boost the local economy. "In the time where cities are growing, the expansion is coming out to the more rural and Taylor is a combination of both suburban and urban," she said.

If the project is approved in Taylor, the semiconductor facility will be 6 million square feet, costing $17 billion, and providing 1,800 "high-paying" jobs the company said. "I think it''ll be a good opportunity as long as it doesn't raise the cost of living for everyone. It's going to be a big change for a small city," said Vanessa Reese, Taylor resident.

"I think with more jobs, I think they'd be able to afford the cost of living to go up because I think it's overdue in the rural areas. Where I live there is no expansion out that way so it'll be good to have it start coming east," said Hill.

Samsung sent  a statement about the process of finding a new location:

"As Samsung plans to invest in expanding its foundry capabilities in the U.S., we are continuing our due diligence in multiple locations for a possible future expansion.   However, no decision has been made at this time.  We are fortunate to have opportunities from Arizona, New York and Texas under consideration and are continuing discussions with each location. We are taking into account various factors ranging from a strong talent pool, a semiconductor ecosystem, competitive economic development opportunities and a stable utility infrastructure."

-Michele Glaze, Director, Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

Travis County sent Fox 7 Austin the following statement:

"Travis County can confirm Samsung Austin Semiconductor has submitted an Economic Development Performance Agreement application for Project Silicon Silver. The Travis County Commissioners Court looks forward to evaluating the application and working to ensure any potential agreement with the company benefits the Travis County community in a fair and equitable manner." – Yoojin Cho, Travis County Spokesperson

Samsung will be in talks with Manor and Taylor ISD’s over the next few months. If approved for either site, construction would begin in the early part of next year.

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