Travis County DA seeking another appeal in Kleinert case

While it may look like there are no other options in the Larry Jackson/Charles Kleinert case, Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore said, they will exhaust any and all options, even by bringing it to the Supreme Court.

Thursday, Moore sent out a statement saying they are considering all available options and that they are “committed to seeking the fair administration of justice. “Former APD detective Charles Kleinert was indicted for the 2013 killing of Larry Jackson.

Kleinert was investigating a bank robbery when authorities said he shot Jackson after a struggle. The district court dismissed the case, saying Kleinert was immune, acting as a federal officer. Nelson Linder with NAACP Austin is working closely alongside the D.A.’s office on the case.

“For Yaekel as a judge to do that to me was highly suspicious and was a high form on injustice,” said Linder.

Then the D.A.  took the case to the fifth circuit court of appeals in Louisiana. The motion for rehearing was denied. The Austin Police Association thinks that fighting further is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The APA says yes Kleinert violated policy that fateful day, but the courts have ruled not once, but twice.

“It's horrible what happened to Mr. Jackson. We can't take it back. The city of Austin has settled with the family. It's time to let the clients move on with their lives,” said Ken Casaday, president of Austin Police Association.

“The local courts indicted Charles Kleinert and they should have. He should've been convicted right here in Travis County. It's not about taxpayer's money, we're talking about a just system,” said Linder.

Margaret Moore said she will be making a public statement once her office decides exactly their course of action.