Travis County DA's office says deadly force justified in 2018 officer-involved shooting in Sunset Valley

The Travis County District Attorney's Office has concluded its review of a Sunset Valley Police Department officer-involved shooting from 2018, determining the officer's use of deadly force was justified.

The incident involved Marc Antonie Carrillo and Sunset Valley Police Department Officer Oscar Lopez. Carrillo survived the shooting with non-life threatening injuries.

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On July 29, 2018, shortly before 4 a.m., the SVPD received a report of an alarm at the Zales Outlet Jewelry Store. Officer Oscar Lopez responded to the call.

When Lopez responded to the scene, according to body-camera footage, there was a white four-door sedan parked in front of the store. As he approached the car, Carrillo was coming out of the store and was attempting to get in his car.

On the body-camera footage, you can hear the officer tell Carrillo to “don’t move.” Carrillo continued to try and get into his car. Lopez then discharged his Taser.


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Still in his car, Lopez and Carrillo began to struggle. Carrillo tried to reverse, but Lopez was hanging out from the driver’s side window. Once he was able to get out from the window, he fired one shot at Carrillo, hitting his arm. Carrillo drove away, and Lopez called for back-up.

Deputies with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office were able to locate Carrillo and arrested him. He was sentenced to six years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for Burglary of a Building for the burglary of the Zales Outlet Jewelry Store.