Travis County Democratic Party files lawsuit against man who firebombed group's headquarters

The Travis County Democratic Party has filed a civil lawsuit against the man who firebombed its headquarters in 2021.

In September 2021, Ryan Faircloth was caught on surveillance footage throwing a molotov cocktail into the Texas County Democratic Party headquarters building. An incident Katie Naranjo, chair of the party, says she can remember like it was yesterday. 

She can even recall the note Faircloth left behind that left her and other staffers in fear.

"Saying that it's a light warning and that he didn't want the Democratic Party or democrats to exist in Texas and that he would do it again," she said.

In May 2022, Faircloth was sentenced to six years in federal prison for malicious arson. Just under a year later, he along with members of the Texas County Democratic Party were back in court for a civil lawsuit filed in relation to the incident.

"Why it was important for the staff of the party and I to participate in today's trial and to hold Mr. Faircloth accountable because he needed to know that we're real people," said Naranjo.

Naranjo says they are looking to hold Faircloth further accountable with this civil lawsuit. The lawsuit seeks actual and exemplary damages for the party and staffers who were most affected personally.

"The hope is that we deter him and others from taking actions like this in the future. They understand that we're human beings trying to advocate for what we think is better for our families or our community," said Naranjo.

This is expected to be a two-day trial.