Travis County inmates get free tattoo removal

Travis County inmates are getting a chance to reinvent themselves before re-entering society. A laser tattoo removal business is offering their services for free.

There are about a dozen inmates who have asked to participate. They have various reasons for wanting to get their tattoos removed. Some are hoping to look better when applying for jobs, for others it's more personal.

Micheal Pearson is removing several of his tattoos because of the gang affiliation associated with them.

He says he got his first tattoo when he was 10 years old. Many of them were done when he was behind bars.

He is currently serving a two year sentence for fraudulent use of i-d.

He says this is a step in turning his life around.

"I'm trying to change my life and give myself a purpose in life and how I'm remembered. I'm tired to be remembered as a thug or someone that's taken from everybody. I've lost a lot since I've been here. I've been here 15 months. I was looking at a 30 year sentence. I got blessed and got two years. So I'm trying to clear these up so I can go out and speak with younger kids and help them change their life around," said Pearson.

Texas Laser and Aesthetics Training Academy is providing the free service. A spokesperson says they will continue doing the treatments for inmates even after they are released if need be. The process can take several appointments.

L.A. County has a similar program for inmates, but it is not free.