Trial for drunk driver who killed two ends with surprise verdict

It was a surprising decision from the jury in the Shana Elliott intoxication manslaughter trial.

She avoided the maximum sentence after admitting she caused the death of an unborn child and his father. The jury started deliberations in the Hays County Justice Center Thursday afternoon.

The trial ended with Kristian Guerrero speaking directly to the woman who killed her husband and her unborn child. "You are so much more than a poor girl with a bad childhood, you are so much more than just a stupid girl that can't learn from her bad decisions, you're a murderer and a thief, you stole my life, and you handed me a life sentence that day,” Kristian Guerrero

Shana Elliott was facing the possibility of 50 years in prison.

Instead, a Hays County Jury gave Elliott 10 years probation / community service for the Intoxication Assault on Kristian Guerrero. Seven years for the Intoxication Manslaughter of Guerrero’s unborn child, and seven years for the Intoxication Manslaughter of her husband, Fabian.

No fines were recommended.

It was up to Judge Jack Robison to decide if Elliott should go to prison for a total of 14 years, or have the two 7 year sentences run at the same time. "I'm going to take that under advisement, as to whether not, to stack the sentences. It occurs to me though, that it's not the jury's intention that that occur, and that's going weigh pretty heavily with me,” said Judge Robison.

A decision of the final sentence will come after a review by court officials.

That review could take 45 to 60 days.

The trial began Monday with Elliott entering a guilty plea.

Thursday, she spoke publicly for the first time about the fatal collision she caused nearly two years ago. “As soon as the accident happened I knew that I had made the worst decision ever,” testified Elliott.

Friday those words still rang hollow for Kristian Guerrero "I don't buy your crocodile tears of the sweet little innocent girl that they tried to portray you to be, you are a monster, and you are not sorry for what you've done you're sorry because it landed you right there,” said Guerrero.

Both families left without making any other comment.