Trump signs proclamation directing troops to secure border

President Donald Trump has been very vocal about wanting to tackle the issue of border security.

Earlier Wednesday, he signed a proclamation directing the  National Guard to deploy troops to the US Mexico border. The Texas Attorney General's office says the number of troops being deployed and the amount of time they'll be down there is uncertain but what they do know  is this is happening sooner rather than later.
Folks have been weighing in on social media, questioning what's the reason of doing this right now. 

Director of communications for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says National Guard Troops from Texas are making their way down to the border and are planning to stay there until some kind of border wall is established and quote, "effectively working".

Governor Greg Abbott took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the President's new move.

It says in part:

"In my time as Governor, Texas has maintained a continuous presence of national guard members along the border, and we've added hundreds of permanent department of public safety troopers to the region. Today's action by the Trump administration reinforces Texas' longstanding commitment to secure our southern border and uphold the rule of law, and I welcome the support."

The attorney general's office adds, President Obama and President Bush also sent troops down to the border, and he expects they'll be equally as effective, if not more under President Trump.