Two dead in Leander shooting

Police are trying to figure out how a woman wound up dead in her Leander home and her estranged husband, dead shortly after.

“We have kids outside playing every day you wouldn't even think this would be something that would occur. It's definitely an extreme shock,” said Lindsay Ortiz, next-door neighbor.

It was a shock for the seemingly quiet drake cove in Leander. That sense of serenity quickly changed when  police made a shocking discovery inside of this home.

“Found deceased was a 48-year-old Hispanic female, and a 49-year-old Hispanic male died en route to the hospital,” said Lt. Derral Partin, Leander Police Department.

Nury Velez-Derivera and Mauna Jaimes Alcantara were the two found dead. The next door neighbor, Lindsay Ortiz says the couple generally kept to themselves, except for one incident.

“An incident with going through our property with his vehicle on an intoxicated evening,” said Ortiz.

The family who did not want to speak on camera says the couple has been having relationship troubles for a while. One family member says he remembers Alcantara saying he may do something violent.  Ortiz says the couple seemed nice overall and was apologetic for driving into her yard.

“Regardless of that incident it's unfortunate what's happened,” said Ortiz.

Leander police believe the deadly outcome may have stemmed from a disturbance or altercation between the two.

Police are still working the case looking into any clues as to why the shooting happened. 

As for next door neighbor Lindsey Ortiz, she still remains shocked and hopes for peace for the family.

“We all know each other for the most part, we've never had any kind of dramatic experiences like this,” said Ortiz.

The incident is still under investigation.