Two students hit in two different school zones on way to class in Cedar Park

Cedar Park police are urging drivers in school zones to pay attention after two students were hit on their way to school this week.

“It's been a worrisome thing for me to get hit by a car but I always try to take the most precautions to not get hit,” said Cedar Park High senior Katy New who walks to school almost daily.

The busy school zone where she walks is also an area where a fellow student was hit on their way to class earlier in the day. She said she's had a few close calls herself.

“I’ve crossed it many times as a senior but at first it's always scary because you don't know if anyone is paying attention because there are people who text and drive on this road,” said New.

According to police, a student was crossing a crosswalk to Cedar Park High School when they were hit by a car turning. The student suffered minor injuries.

This marks the second time a student was hit in a school zone in Cedar Park on their way to class. On Monday, a student on a bicycle was hit at Vista Ridge High School. According to police, the driver of the car did not see the teen. The student also suffered minor injuries.

“When you're driving through a school zone area is to stay focused making sure you are aware of your surroundings,” said Sergeant Jessie Campbell with Cedar Park Police.

Cedar Park police are urging drivers to be extra cautious on the roads especially in a school zone following these two incidents.

“It only takes a split second to look down pick something up and an accident to happen,” Campbell said.

New said she constantly sees distracted drivers on her walks.

“It's sad to see so many drivers text and drive or do things on their phones, do makeup while they're driving,” New said. 

Cedar Park police also said those walking and biking should be extra cautious just like drivers.

“Keep your head up looking around to make sure you are safe,” Campbell said.

Cedar Park police are investigating those two cases.