TxDOT issues apology to toll tag users

TxDOT says some toll tag users have received erroneous pay-by-mail invoices or violations.

One customer believes she was affected, telling FOX 7 she received a letter saying she owes more than $19,000. TxDOT says the glitch stems from work being done to allow Texas toll tag users to use their tags in other states. "I was shocked. I have never even seen a bill from them," says Jessica Creech, toll tag user.

The current balance: $19,686. Jessica Creech says it doesn't make sense.

"When I opened it, I saw dates on there from before we even bought our car. I have an entire little folder of things that prove that we weren't here on certain dates that they are claiming we were in Texas," says Creech.

Creech showed FOX 7 the collection letter she received back in April from a law office. It shows the toll amount as $1,061 and the admin fee as $18,625, with the price tag totaling more than $19,000.

"I am more than willing to pay what I owe, and that's what I have been doing for the last four years. I don't think it's fair for me to pay what I don't owe and that's the only resolution I want," says Creech.

On Tuesday TxDOT issued an apology on Facebook to toll customers. It says quote:

EZTag, TxTag and TollTag have been working together to allow their toll tags to work seamlessly with Kansas and other states so that Texas toll tag users can drive on other states' toll roads using their same tags.

It goes on to say that transfer of account information was delayed and as a result, some customers were issued a pay-by-mail notice or violation in error. Creech believes she was affected.

"Oh I think there's definitely more problems that they're not wanting to release right now. I think the entire system is flawed. I came from the East Coast, where they still operate with people in the toll booths. I think the only way to prevent error is to have somebody in the toll booth actually physically doing it," says Creech.

TxDOT says they have been receiving a high volume of calls. Creech says she has been reaching out since April but has yet to speak to anyone. "If you're going to have a business in the state of Texas that charges people, you need to have a way to talk to the people of Texas," says Creech.

If you want to dispute a bill, TxDOT says to call the agency in which you established a TxTag EZTag or TollTag account. To learn more, click here