TxDOT prepared for winter storm

Bad weather brings bad roads and TxDOT is ready.

TxDOT says its ready to roll out with hundreds of trucks to pre-treat the roads before they ice over if it looks like conditions are headed in that direction.

If it does ice over, they'll be out throughout the night spreading de-icer, but this isn't a magic eraser so they are encouraging drivers to stay home if you don't have to go out.

"It doesn't leave dry pavement it breaks up ice and helps to keep it from forming especially as vehicles come by and they have to stir things up and that's why we continue doing it because as more sleet freezing rain whatever comes down we don't want it to get so diluted that it doesn't work," said Chris Bishop with TxDOT.

For those who can't avoid getting behind the wheel, TxDOT offers these tips:

  • Know the roads in your area
  • Take the flatest route
  • Avoid sharp turns

TxDot handles highways toll roads and bridges but locally streets are managed by the city and austin police tell us during Saturday's winter mess there were 140 crashes between noon and midnight

A lot of them they say were on flyovers like this so make sure you drive slowly and avoid these kinds of roads if you can.