Man facing double murder charges after deadly hit-and-run during SXSW

New details were released about a deadly hit-and-run crash during South by Southwest back in March.

The driver is accused of crashing into two people in downtown Austin. One victim died at the scene.

The suspect is now facing double murder charges. His attorney says the charges were upgraded after the death of the second victim weeks after the crash.

Court documents state, in March, Austin police attempted to pull 23-year-old Tyrone Thompson over after noticing a faulty headlight.

Thompson took off eastbound on East 7th Street running red lights where he crashed into two pedestrians at East 7th Street and Red River.

"Of course, he is presumed to be innocent, and it is a very complex and ongoing investigation. We plan on having a very vigorous defense on behalf of Mr. Thompson, but we will have to wait and see until all the investigation is complete before we know how that defense is going to go forward," said Travis County Criminal Defense Attorney Charlie Baird.

Tyrone Thompson mug shot (Austin Police Department)

Cody Jordan Shelton, 26, died at the scene. A second victim, 34-year-old William Dunham, was taken to a local hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries.

"The suspect vehicle did not remain on scene and continued traveling eastbound," says Austin police officer Jose Mendez.


Police say Thompson was later involved in another crash around 2 a.m. in Travis County, where he was arrested. Thompson was charged with DUI, murder, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

"On the date of the alleged offense, an individual died there at the scene and a second individual was injured but survived and as long as that individual survived, of course, you could not charge Mr. Thompson with murder. He was charged with aggravated assault, intoxication assault, and evading police in a motor vehicle," says Baird.

34-year-old William Dunham and 26-year-old Cody Jordan Shelton

Travis County Criminal Defense Attorney Charlie Baird says six weeks later, the second victim died from his injuries, and Thompson's charges were upgraded.

"I just don't have any words for the person who did this to my son," says Cody Shelton’s mother Ladonna Scallion Smith.

"When the second individual died, then all those charges were elevated to the offense of felony murder, as it was, during the first death," says Baird.

Attorney Charlie Baird is representing Thompson in both murder cases.

"Certainly, this is a tragedy, Mr. Thompson is beside himself with grief over this. He had no intention of causing anybody death or injury. It was totally out of character. He has no prior history. This is totally out of character for Mr. Thompson and, as anybody would be, he is very, very, very sad," Baird said.

The cases are expected to be tried together. There is a pre-trial date set for August 15.