U.S. Marshals: Fugitive Silvestre Franco-Luviano deported 3 times

Georgetown Police Department Assistant Chief Cory Tchida presented the press with Silvestre Franco-Luviano's brand new mug shot from the Williamson County Jail.  He was booked in as Guillermo Franco...what is real name is is anyone's guess.

"I can tell you at this point, I honestly don't know.  He has a number of aliases.  I don't know which one of these is true or if any of these are true," Tchida said.

Franco-Luviano's crime spree began Sunday night when he allegedly killed 2 people in the Dallas area.  Then he stole a Lexus and headed for Georgetown where he has family. 

Early Monday morning he robbed and kidnapped an irrigation technician working at a Bealls.  Police say the landscape company employee was forced into the car where Franco-Luviano tried to get money from his ATM card.  He ultimately stole his wallet and phone...then dropped him off safe at sound at a 7-11.

Law enforcement found the Lexus dumped in a Georgetown neighborhood and SWAT prepared for an encounter with the suspect that never happened.

US Marshal Hector Gomez with the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force says Tuesday morning, his team started surveilling places where he might be.

"As a result they were able to identify key family members and maintain a surveillance posture for most of the day to the point where at approximately 4, 4:30 they were able to follow off a family member, make contact with that family member," Gomez said.

The high school next door was put on lockdown and SWAT came into play.

"At some point during the incident he did break through a wall into an adjoining apartment which is why we're glad we evacuated that apartment," Tchida said.

That's when a fire started in Franco-Luviano's sister's apartment -- a fire he may have started.  He eventually bolted down the stairs and was taken into custody.  US Marshal Gomez says Franco-Luviano likely has no status in the US.

"According to our Federal US Marshal service databases, and we also have confirmed with DHS, ICE, that this gentleman has been deported 3 times," Gomez said.

Franco-Luviano is currently facing murder charges but kidnapping charges and possibly arson are on the way.