Uber driver allegedly sexually assaulted

Austin Police are searching for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted an Uber driver.

On Sunday Aug. 27 a female Uber driver picked up a passenger at 510 E. Street around 12 a.m. According to police, the victim said she was going to drive the passenger, identified as 32-year-old Eric Alvarado, to 2602 Guadalupe Street.

She told police that when she picked up Alvarado he sat in the front seat of her Lincoln Navigator. While driving down the road Alvarado began talking to her about sex and said he hadn’t had it in a long time.

He added he was excited he was about to have sex with somebody.

She also said Alvarado told her he had drunk 10 beers prior to her picking him up. Shortly after,  the victim said Alvarado exposed his privates to her and forced her hand onto him.

According to the court affidavit, Alvarado then forced the victim to have sex with him and perform oral sex on him.

The victim said once Alvarado was done, he left the car.

Alvarado is described as being 5’3”, weighing around 160 pounds and muscular.

The victim told police that she pleaded with Alvarado and told him “no.”

Police were able to confirm Alvarado’s identity and obtained security camera footage of the SUV in the parking lot located at 2602 Guadalupe Street.

Police searched Alvardo’s Facebook page and found a picture of him.  The victim was able to identify Alvarado through a photo lineup.