Uber Pet to launch in Philadelphia for animal-friendly rides

Uber is throwing pet owners and pet lovers a bone with a new feature that will be available in Philadelphia starting on Oct. 16.

Whether your pet is furry or scaled, Uber Pet will allow rideshare passengers to indicate to a driver that a treasured creature is joining the trip.

Riders will be required to pay a small surcharge for the Uber Pet selection that will be added onto the standard trip fare.


Photo from: Uber

"We built this feature to give riders peace of mind," Harry Hartfield, a spokesperson for Uber, explained. 

Officials say that the new Uber Pet feature does not replace the service animal policy since “Uber Pet was specifically designed for riders who are pet or non-service animal owners.”

While cats and dogs are the most common types of animals expected on Uber Pet trips, officials did not list any restrictions.


Uber drivers will have the option to opt-out of Uber Pet trips.

Other cities piloting the Uber Pet feature include Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Phoenix and Tampa Bay.