UFO or drone? Video captured over Leander has many wondering

Video captured of some lights in the Texas sky has people once again asking: is it UFOs?

People shared videos from Leander of what looked like a straight line of lights in the sky.

While some believe it might be a UFO, others say it's most likely the Starlink satellite.


The latest video comes after mysterious lights were captured over the sky in Round Rock on September 1.  Experts believe the Round Rock objects in the sky weren't UFOs but UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 

Drone expert Gene Robinson said that there was "nothing extraterrestrial involved" but added that he wouldn't "say that that couldn't be a possibility."

It wouldn't be the first time drones were spotted in the Austin area sky. For SXSW, drones were part of a marketing campaign to help promote the television series "Halo" which is based on the popular Xbox game.