Unexploded package bomb was addressed to Austin MedSpa employee

On Tuesday, an explosion at the Schertz FedEx facility became the fifth explosion reported in the area. That same day, the facility on McKinney Falls Parkway reported a suspicious package.

Authorities found an unexploded bomb inside.

According to Anita Ward, it was addressed to her daughter. “It makes me sick,” said Ward.

Ward is a nurse at Austin MedSpa. Her daughter, a student at ACC, sometimes works at the spa with her mom, but she was off Tuesday, when the package was scheduled to arrive.

“We have no idea why he would've targeted her. We believe it's random off our website because he listed her as the manager, that's how she's listed on our website,” said Ward.

Authorities say Mark Conditt, is behind all of the bombs.

Ward says, her daughter never knew him... “She's just been there for the last year. At this point we don't know if they've ever crossed paths,” said Ward.

Police tracked down Conditt early Wednesday morning and chased him on the I-35 Frontage Road, where he met his end. He detonated a bomb inside his car, killing himself and injuring an officer.

The motive for the bombings, is still under investigation. 

By Friday, the only evidence left of a police raid was Conditt's boarded up windows at his home he shared with two roommates. Just down the street, is a barber shop Conditt and first bombing victim, Anthony House used to often go to. But a barber there tells FOX 7 Austin, the two didn't cross paths much, if at all. Pflugerville, is still appalled.

“I think the biggest thing we're dealing with in our community is the shock that the actual serial bomber lived in our community,” said Rudy Metayer, Pflugerville City Council member.

Metayer applauds police from all over, working together on the case.

“Nobody wants these issues in their community, nobody wants to see these things. But when you see the way your staff and people who represent your values act in this manner when there's a crisis emergency, that's when you see true character,” said Metayer.

As authorities continue their investigation, the Austin area is left to mourn the loss of Anthony House and Draylen Mason. They also continue to hope for the best for those injured. But because of a quick response by police, Anita Ward, is thankful, because she, her daughter and other staff were spared.

“It's horrible to think that somebody can just be so careless and disconnected about lives and just take them so easily,” said Ward.

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