Union Pacific train on receiving end of 'hit and run'

A Union Pacific freight train heading from Port Laredo to Chicago took a little break Friday morning in Round Rock. Crews were inspecting it to make sure everything was ok after police say 28-year-old Trent Campbell hit the moving train in his pickup around 10 Friday morning at McNeil and I-35. 

"As the gate arms were coming down signaling the oncoming train he decided to attempt to go around them in an effort to beat the train.  Unfortunately he didn't make it all the way through the crossing and the train hit the backend of the truck," said Union Pacific spokesman Jeff DeGraff.

Round Rock Police say Campbell just kept driving after the incident.

DeGraff says no significant damage was done to the train. 

They brought in a fresh crew and sent the train on its way.  DeGraff says going around the gate arms is dangerous and illegal. "There was some damage done to the gate arms themselves.  Fortunately we had crews that responded right away in order to fix those so they were back up in working order," he said.

Round Rock Police found Campbell's damaged pickup truck nearby and Campbell himself in Buck Eggar Park.  FOX 7 was there as Campbell was given the field sobriety test. He was ultimately taken into custody.

His wrecked pickup was put on a tow truck and hauled away.

Round Rock Police say Campbell is charged with DWI, his third offense.

Also "accident involving damage to a vehicle" and "interference with railroad property."

"What we saw today we were very fortunate that we didn't have any injuries, it could have been worse," DeGraff said. Union Pacific says there are front facing cameras on the train. 

They'll be downloading the video and sharing it with Round Rock Police to help with their investigation.