*Update* Marine-owned 'Brass House' jazz club saved

Jason White no longer has the blues.
He's leaving that for the Blues and Jazz musicians that play at Brass House on San Jacinto.  And yes...it looks like they'll be playing there for the foreseeable future.

"The judge dropped it, settled it, discontinued it and here we are," White said.

Going back in time to Wednesday, I told you about White, one of the three Marines who started Brass House and how hard times were hitting the club.

"With the May rains and the June and July, the decrease in overall sales, it's kind of hit our pocket.  And we've been called to terms on a note that we have to pay," White told us on Wednesday.

They owed $23,000 by 11am on Friday.  So they started a GoFundMe account, put on a fundraiser...and then still had 10 grand to go.
So Fox 7 came by, I played a little piano and did a live report.

"While you were still here on air, I was on the phone talking to this investor who was interested.  Recently retired, has had a passion for jazz and blues and live music in Austin.  And the story was a driving factor for them," White said.

White says the investor signed a check the next day.

"$23,000 is what we owed for everything to date.  And then we were able to pay all the way through August to include the taxes and insurance through August 31,' White said.

And business has been great too.

"We had some of the best nights that we've seen this week.  We've almost had record sales this week.  Individuals who just did not know we were here," White said.

So that...is how White kicked the blues.

"Night and day difference!  Now I still haven't slept more than 2 hours a night but we're going to have a great weekend.  We're going to have a celebration tonight that we know the Brass House is going to stay in business.  And we're going to continue to do what we can to see that we're profitable for the next years to come," White said.

Mr. White says the past couple of summers have been pretty slow and business usually picks up in September.
Since that's right around the corner, he says Brass House will be just fine.