*Update* Sources: Person responsible for Omni Hotel shooting identified

*Update* FOX 7 has learned from sources the identity of the person believed to be responsible for the deadly shooting at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin.

Sources tell FOX 7 that the man's name is Michael Holt. Neighbors of Holt tell FOX 7 that authorities were at Holt's home in East Austin over the weekend. Not much else is known about Holt at this time but a former employer, RetailMeNot, did send out an official statement saying:

"First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the still unnamed victim and that person's family who were impacted as the result of the shooting allegedly committed by Michael Holt, a former employee."

"Michael was a valued member of the RetailMeNot family who left the company several months ago.  We are all reflecting on why this horrible and senseless tragedy occurred.  The Michael we all knew was a good person, a talented worker and a caring individual. Our condolences go out to everyone impacted by this violence, including Michael’s family and friends."

"RetailMeNot will be making counselors available to its employees for anyone who needs support as a result of the tragedy this weekend."

Holt was also a member of Capital Factory. Capital Factory Founder and Executive Director Joshua Baer released a statement regarding Holt saying that Holt had rented a desk at Capital Factory on May 1, 2015 and had worked in Austin's startup community since 2008. The full statement can be read here.

The shooting at the Omni on San Jacinto Blvd and 8th Street happened on Sunday, July 5. Witnesses described the scene as chaotic and terrifying.

According to police, the gunman walked in to the lobby of the Omni Hotel and started firing a rifle, killing one person. Police believe the victim was shot at random. It's unclear who the victim was, if the person was a guest or an employee at the hotel. People were franticly calling 911 around 5 a.m. screaming for help.

Austin police officers responded to the scene within two minutes. When they arrived, the gunman started firing at them. Witnesses say the sound of gunfire echoed through the hotel. One Austin police officer shot back, killing the suspect.

The officer is now on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues. This is standard procedure.

Police have still released little information about the suspect, victim and motive. FOX 7 also contacted media representatives from Omni Hotels but have not heard back yet.

This is an update to a previous story. The original version is as follows:

Three people are dead after two early morning officer-involved shootings in Austin.

Austin police responded to two different incidents that ended with gunfire Sunday morning. One of them was in a North Austin neighborhood, the other at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown.

"This is a difficult day for the Austin Police Department, it's a difficult day for our officers," said Assistant Chief of Staff Brian Manley of the Austin Police Department.

There was a frantic call just before 5 am from the Omni Hotel.

"There was a male in the lobby walking around with a gun," Manley said.  

Within two minutes the caller told dispatchers to send an ambulance because there was a victim.

"We have no information to show that this was anything other than a random event that this victim was a person that just walked into the hotel lobby and had his life taken. We have no indication that this was anything other than that," said Manley.

Police arrived to a chaotic scene.

"This individual was inside the Omni Hotel with a rifle. He shot and killed one person that is down in the lobby of the hotel. He then fired multiple shots inside the Omni both around the hotel and at the officers that responded to the scene," Manley said.

Officers fired back, killing the suspect.

"Once we got into the elevator there was a woman and a young kid and she said it sounded like fireworks, but then we were told that someone had gotten shot in the lobby," said Katie Kalisz who was staying at the Omni Hotel when the shooting occurred.  

Hotel guests said they never imagined waking up so close to a crime scene Sunday morning.

"I was completely shocked. Especially being from Connecticut, you plan on a vacation and you hear something like that, it's a little scary, just crazy," said Kelly O'Brien another Omni Hotel guest.

"This is not anything any officer ever wants to be involved in is having to take a life, but unfortunately our officers were put in situations today where that took place," Manley said.

An hour before the Omni shooting just nine miles away three Austin police officers faced another armed man. This time the man called dispatch himself.

"He appeared to be distraught. He made comments that made the 911 call taker indicate that he may be suicidal," said Manley.  

When officers confronted the man at a home near the intersection of Golden Quail Drive and Pine Knoll Drive, they noticed he was carrying a weapon. Police said the man would not follow officers' orders.

"Our officers attempted to handle this with the use of less lethal force, using a Taser. This was ineffective and the subject retreated back into his residence at this point," Manley said.  
Police said the man returned just moments later, with obvious self-inflicted wounds, still carrying a weapon.

"At this point the officers observed the subject reach for his weapon instead of complying with their commands and the officers at that point fired at the suspect in fear for their safety," said Manley.  

Before five am both suspects were dead along with a victim at the Omni. Police called it a tragic day for everyone involved.

"Our hearts go out to the families of the individuals involved today, both the victim at the Omni whose life was taken by the suspect, as well as the individuals that we had to encounter," Manley said.

The officer who shot the suspect at the Omni as well as all three officers who shot the man in North Austin is on administrative duty while an investigation is conducted.

The Omni Hotel is open to guests, although they are asking everyone to enter and exit through the garage while they work to clean up the lobby.