*Update* SWAT situation in East Austin ends without incident

A couple rams a charter bus through an east Austin drive through. A pursuit and SWAT standoff would follow.

Cell phone video shot by Manuel Benavides captured the incident.

That white charter bus has just struck a fence in the Taco Bell parking lot off Airport and MLK then the engine revs.

The driver rams the bus through the drive through lanes ripping off pieces of both the roof of the bus and the overhang. Workers run out and call 9-1-1.

"She didn't care. She just went for it. Destroyed the drive through," said Benavides.

Police got behind the bus almost immediately and are lead on a low speed chase. It ended at Thurgood Avenue and 183 about four miles away.

"APD SWAT team was then called due to the barricaded suspect at 4:50 this afternoon," said APD Sgt. Anthony Hipolito.

Police say at 5:30 pm, a woman exited the bus and then a man came out an hour later. We got video of the woman shortly before she was taken away. Police say she was behind the wheel at taco bell and during the pursuit.

Officers say the bus was reported stolen.

A much different ending than what Benavides first thought as he watched this scene from his car.

"I thought it was just some people who got scared and panicked but I didn't know it was all that," Benavides said.

Officers say the bus was stolen from the storage facility of Tejano Tours on Pleasant Valley Drive. The man and woman face auto theft, evading and leaving the scene of a collision charges.