'Suspicious person' seen near UT campus had plastic toy rifle: UTPD

The University of Texas at Austin Police Department says that a ‘suspicious person’ reportedly seen Wednesday in the West Campus area had a plastic toy rifle.

UTPD says around 5:15 p.m. on April 19, it received a report of a suspicious person near the 2800 block of San Gabriel Street. UTPD and APD officers searched the area and did not locate the person and APD determined there was no ongoing threat.

On April 20, a UTPD bicycle patrol officer in the West Campus area positively identified the ‘suspicious person’ and recovered a plastic toy rifle that matched video and pictures circulating on social media.

UTPD says that because "no clear criminal offense occurred", no arrest will be made and there is no ongoing threat to the campus or community and no threat to it the day before.

The department also stressed that the community should follow official University social media pages for accurate information and updates, such as sheltering in place, building evacuations or immediate threats.