Vandals shatter windows in Pflugerville home, homeowner feels targeted

Shards of glass are littered all over Sandra Rivera's home.

"It's all over the carpets, furniture, beds, " said Rivera.

Rivera's surveillance camera caught what appears to be two people taking bricks from her landscaping job, and throwing them into her windows. Her four children live with her, one of the bricks was thrown into her seven-year old son's window.

"The glass is in his bed. Thank god none of them were home, nobody was home," said Rivera.

It happened just after midnight on Sept. 1.

Rivera didn't get home until 6:30 that morning. "I went over to the front door and noticed it was smashed in, saw the other windows, they were all smashed in," said Rivera.

She called police, thinking this could have been a burglary, but nothing was stolen. Rivera says all together, about 18 windows were smashed in. Her Great Dane was missing for a day, after being let out, but she did return home. Her home was the only one in that area that was hit.

"It seems targeted, I guess to me. It seems like they were too comfortable they knew of the dog, they weren't scared of this big dog. I have a camera obviously and they seemed to know where the camera was because they had their faces covered when they were in that direction," said Rivera.

The Pflugerville Police Department is investigating.

In the meantime, Rivera is living elsewhere. She is remaining hopeful that someone can recognize these people, they won't come for her again or any of her neighbors.

"It looked like two guys, it could be a girl and a guy, I don't know, I really don't,” said Rivera. 

If you know anything about this case, call the Pflugerville Police Department at 512-990-6731.