VIDEO: Officer revives choking baby

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A Marietta police officer is being hailed as a hero, after performing life-saving measures for three minutes to help a choking two-month-old baby breathe again.

"It was a joyous experience, I'll tell you that," Officer Nick St. Onge said about the ordeal, as he applied chest compressions and back blows for several minutes to dislodge what was blocking little Zeona's airway.

On the evening of May 15, the baby's grandmother called 911 after the baby started choking and turning blue while feeding on a bottle.

Officer Nick St. Onge arrived at the scene quickly before paramedics.

"I had a panic attack... [saying]'Come on Zeona, come back to life... breathe baby,'" said Zeona's mother, Cianna Stovall, who tells us how she cried watching her baby in distress.

"It was three minutes of sheer terror," Officer St. Onge said, as he continued to apply compressions while the baby was not responsive for some time. "I heard that first half-cry and I was like, Thank God," St. Onge said.

Stovall tells us how she was overjoyed and thanked the officer at the scene. "Thank God... thank you, my baby is okay," she told FOX 5 News.

Officer St. Onge said he credits his years of military training and training with Marietta Police to know exactly what to do in this crisis to revive a baby.

"I'm happy to be one of those officers in the right place at the right time," he said.

Little Zeona was taken to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. She was released from the hospital and doing just fine, according to her mother.