Video Released of Fatal Confrontation over $5

Surveillance video of an argument over $5 which eventually led to a murder in Austin is now being released to the public.

Earlier this year, Dedric Dixon was sentenced to 88-years in prison for killing Carlos Swist in 2016.
Surveillance footage shows Carlos Swist, the victim, roll up to a gas station and enter the store.

While inside Swist buys a few things with cash. Moments later you see $5 on the ground which fell while he was getting money from his pocket. Swist is unaware at the time.

During this time another camera shows the now convicted murderer Dedric Dixon pull up to the store. Dixon walks up to the counter to pay using cash and change, at this time Swist notices the $5 on the ground and goes to pick it up. This is when the confrontation begins.

According to the affidavit, Dixion claimed the bill belonged to him and took it from Swist. After a heated exchange Dixon left the store. Another store nearby was able to catch a glimpse of what is believed to be Dixion's SUV following Swist's van.

Later that morning officers found Swist's van engulfed in flames and a bullet hole on the driver's side. An autopsy showed Swist was shot in the head.

Austin police say the fire was caused by brush igniting with the van's spinning tires.

Dixon has filed an appeal to the ruling. No word yet on if or when the court will review the appeal.