Video shows close encounter between Australian man and sneaky venomous snake

Australia is known for its residents coming unfortunately close to local wildlife. 

A recent video showing a man relaxing on his back patio in Gippsland, Victoria, roughly 200 miles east of Melbourne, is exactly why some with ophidiophobia — or an extreme fear of snakes — would think twice before moving down under. 

In the video, the man is seen playing with a computer completely unaware of a sneaky snake slowly making its way closer and closer to his feet. 

The man’s surveillance camera recorded the video showing a snake slowly moving across his deck before suddenly hitting his feet. Malcolm reacts quickly, pushing his chair away from the snake.

The man told Storyful that he believed it was a tiger snake on his deck. He wrote in a comment on his March 9 Reddit post that the snake didn’t bite him.

"It definitely went for me," Malcolm’s comment said. "It jumped – which I have never seen before – and went over my Crocs!"

If the name "Tiger Snake" isn’t vicious enough, there is at least 1 death from tiger snake bites every year, on average, according to Australia’s Clinical Toxinology Resources at the University of Adelaide

Tiger snakes are highly venomous and are found in southern and eastern, but not inland mainland Australia, and also on southern offshore islands, including Tasmania, according to the university.

Storyful contributed to this story.