Video shows curious bear cub wheeling trash bin down driveway

A black bear cub thought it was onto something this weekend when it figured out how to wheel a trash bin, but it hasn’t quite mastered the bear-proof locks.

Home security video from David Oppenheimer in Asheville, North Carolina, shows the curious cub standing on its hind legs and dragging the bin down Oppenheimer’s driveway, then pulling it onto the lawn.

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He then tips the can over and tries to pry it open, but bear-proof brackets get in the way, Oppenheimer told Storyful.

"Most of the bears around here pick up quick on that and don’t bother with the effort to try to open it," he said. "This bear yearling cub hasn’t figured that out yet."

Oppenheimer said he saw the same cub with its mother and sibling earlier that day.

"It was getting ready to take out the trash," Oppenheimer joked.