VIDEO: SUV slams into Manassas sub shop

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A customer was taken to the hospital after an SUV crashed through the front of a Jersey Mike’s Subs in Manassas.

The vehicle slammed into the restaurant located in the 7400 block of Sudley Road at 12:48 p.m. Tuesday.

Surveillance video of the crash from inside the store showed the vehicle slamming through the front windows of the sub shop while two customers and an employee were at the counter.

Authorities said there were two people inside the vehicle and the driver accidentally accelerated leading to the crash.

“The lady just jumped out of the way,” said William Lewis, an assistant manager at Jersey Mike’s Subs. “If she didn’t move out of the way, she would have got pinned between the car and our counter. Thank God she leaped out of the way and didn’t get pinned.”

The injured customer was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. The driver and passenger of the SUV were not injured.

“It was just crazy at first,” Lewis said. “I just ran immediately over there to help the lady out to see if she was okay. She was really shaken up, crying and I just wanted to sit there and see if she was okay.”

The employee said the injured customer told him her leg was hurt and numb and she had a few scratches on her back, but seemed to be okay physically for the most part.

The county building inspector was called to the restaurant to assess the damage to the building.