Violent incident outside Georgetown restaurant leads to police chase

A violent incident outside a Georgetown restaurant turned into a police chase across the city.

Customers captured on their cell phones what appears to be 32-year-old Yoemi Vergara Martinez kicking an employee, throwing trash cans and ramming a police unit with his truck.

"He started picking up trash cans, parts of trash cans, the wheels at the bottom of trash cans and started violently throwing them at the wait staff and management that told him he couldn't come back into the restaurant," said Summer Pavliska who witnessed the incident. 

Pavliska was on the outdoor patio of one of her favorite restaurants, Dos Salsas, when she captured on her phone Martinez causing a scene. 

"He purposely was picking a fight, I don't speak Spanish so I don't know everything he was saying but that led to him kicking one of the wait staff in the back," said Pavliska.

Dos Salsas's surveillance captured another angle of the incident. According to the restaurant, Martinez was not a customer. He kept entering the restaurant throughout the evening sitting at the bar and asking for someone. He wouldn't order anything besides a glass of water. 

According to the restaurant, they kept telling him the person he was asking for wasn't there and eventually told him to leave which he didn't do. 

"He wasn't taking no for an answer getting back into the restaurant," said Pavliska.

It was when police arrived when things escalated further. After the incident at the restaurant Martinez fled the scene in his truck but didn't take any of the exits, instead driving through their landscape and made his way on to SH 29. Pavliska captured part of this on camera as well. 

"It was pretty scary, wasn't sure what was going to happen," said Pavliska.

Police pursued Martinez along SH 29 even popping all of his tires. When he reached southwestern he made a U-turn and headed right back where he came from. 

In Pavliska's video, it looks like Martinez comes to a stop at the intersection by the restaurant and then accelerates into a police unit and continues down the road with the unit still in front of his car. 

"I have never anywhere see anything like that expect for on the news," said Pavliska.

Georgetown police were able to box in Martinez and stop his car. Police said when he left the vehicle he was trying to fight officers and was eventually tased and arrested. 

Martinez was booked into the Williamson County Jail. According to police no one else was injured during the chase.