Vista Ridge community mourns loss of fellow student, friend and athlete

The Vista Ridge High School community is in mourning following the death of fellow student and basketball player, Myles Hutcheson. 

Police reported Hutcheson died when his car left the street crashing into the tree line off Brushy Creek Road Monday morning. The cause is still unknown.

The varsity basketball team was supposed to play a game Tuesday evening but instead will be playing Wednesday as they remember not just a teammate, but a friend. 

“Every person he sees he genuinely tells them hello, sees how their doing, and sees if he can help them out,” said Clint Anderson the Vista Ridge boys head basketball coach.

On Tuesday, people gathered at the fatal crash site of Hutcheson to mourn the loss of a friend. 

“Whenever I heard that it was him it was shocking,” said Anderson. 

Being a member of the varsity basketball team, head coach Anderson worked closely with Hutcheson. 

“Never really see Myles miss 2 shots in a row and as a teammate whether it be on the bench or floor he was the biggest cheerleader we had,” said Anderson.

Anderson said Hutcheson was an asset both on and off the court. 

“Just the way he treats other people he is one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever known.” 

The team was originally supposed to be playing a game on Tuesday, instead they are mourning the loss of not only a fellow teammate but a friend. 

“They are taking it hard, a lot of them play with Myles in the summer. We have a lot of juniors on the team which is what Myles is and they’ve played with him for a very long time. When we broke the news to them it was heartbreaking,” said Anderson.

With how many people Hutcheson connected with, Anderson said the road to recovery will be a long one. 

“For Myles’ character I came across a quote not too long ago it stuck out to me for Myles and that is he learned at a very young age that it doesn't cost a candle to light another candle and that's the way he treated every individual that he approached,” said Anderson.

 So far, the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

Hutcheson's funeral is expected to take place on Thursday.