Volunteers help train service dogs for veterans

Tommy is a four-month old lab and FOX 7 is proud to partner with Patriot Paws Service Dogs to prepare him for his life as service dog for a veteran. Tommy joined us just over two weeks ago and he'll be training with our team for the next four months.

All of the initial training of the pups is done by volunteers.There are puppy raisers around the state and they include people raising the puppies in their homes and even students at Texas A&M. If it weren't for the volunteers, Patriot Paws would not be able to train as many dogs as they do. But more volunteers are needed to help the 120 veterans waiting for dogs.

FOX 7's Jennifer Kendall shows us how the army of volunteers are working to change lives.

Patriot Paws hopes to expand so they can get more dogs to veterans that are in need. To donate, apply, or find out more about their services, visit PatriotPaws.org.