Voters reporting ‘aggressive’ tactics at some polling locations

A voter, who chooses to remain anonymous, feels the municipal election propaganda is getting a little bit out of control.

"I was just on my way to Sam's and I saw that truck sitting there parked by all the voters, and I thought nothing at first until I saw all the messages and local city council people," he said.

The voter said the messages said things like ‘Prop B criminalizes the homeless.’ The Travis County Clerk said this is legal, as long as the electioneers are more than 100 feet away from the entrance of the polling location.

However this voter feels this election, specifically on Prop B has become politicized and the tactics seen at the Southpark Meadows polling location went too far."In my view, public health, safety, and even our environment are not partisan issues, these are issues we should all care about," he said.

Terrie Mills said someone approached her in line with this flyer, which instructed her on how to vote for certain propositions.



"I totally feel like it was illegal. I feel like it is preying on people. If you want to inform people, whatever, but don't tell people to vote this way," said Mills.

"If they were outside of the 100-yard mark from the front door or wherever the polling judges say you're allowed to go and not be then yeah that's okay, I still think it's aggressive," said Mackenzie Kelly, Austin City Council member for district six.

Kelly feels electioneering should be an informative process, not an aggressive one.

"When you're poll greeting, you should be kind and compassionate and thankful for people who are there voting and not push propaganda," she said.

Since council member Greg Casar was one of the images on the pickup truck at the polling location, Fox 7 did contact his office. They tell us they did not have anything to do with the renting of that truck. However, Casar has spoken against Proposition B.

Election Day is May 1.