Waco Police: Hundreds of weapons found at Twin Peaks

On Tuesday afternoon, we watched as investigators searched cars left in the Twin Peaks parking lot after Sunday's shooting.

Wednesday, Waco Police said 318 weapons and counting have been found at Twin Peaks -- including clubs, knives, brass knuckles, chains and firearms.

They say many of them were hidden as officers arrived...in sacks of chips, stuffed between bags of flour, trash cans. Someone even tried to flush a handgun down the toilet.

Back here in Austin, Bronson Willard, owner of Southern Metal Choppers is sad things turned out this way.

"It's a shame that it came to all this where people had to die and you know people are in jail over all of it," Willard said.

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton says 3 bikers -- Juan Garcia, Drew King and Jim Harris -- were arrested Sunday for coming onto the crime scene with weapons.

"Those 3 individuals rode up on motorcycles wearing colors of biker gang members. They were stopped, detained and ultimately arrested because they had weapons," Swanton said.

Those 3 happen to be from the Austin area. Juan Garcia is actually a City of Austin Public Works employee.

The 170 arrested and charged with "engaging in organized criminal activity" were given $1 million bonds. The 3 from Austin were released on lower bonds for some reason so McLennan County revoked their bonds and the bikers were taken into custody again.

Austin attorney Chris Gunter is representing Drew King. He says in part: "I am at a loss to understand how my client and at least 2 others from Austin have been charged with anything given that they had no participation whatsoever in any fight at Twin Peaks. These guys are not members of any gang. They had been there less than 5 seconds when this fight broke out and these 3 guys, including my client, Mr. King, responded by jumping off their motorcycles and running in the opposite direction. I'm mystified at how one judge can look at their conduct and set the relatively low bonds and then somehow these bonds get increased from $50,000 to a million. And I think it's atrocious that every single person arrested the bond gets set at a million dollars."

"Their bond has been set at a million dollars as well. It's because our legal system in Waco, Texas takes killing 9 people very seriously and we don't play around," Swanton said.

With ROT Rally coming up here in Austin, Bronson Willard is hoping the shooting won't cast a shadow.

"People are going to be worried about it but I mean there's a lot of people, a lot of cops and they try and do everything as good as they can and protect everybody. So hopefully that won't have any effect on it," Willard said.

Many bikers are complaining there's a misconception about what the meeting at Twin Peaks was about in the first place.

Waco Police say it was a discussion over turf that ended in a turf war. But some bikers on Facebook say it's a meeting held every month about legislative actions that affect riders, even Christian biker groups were invited.