Walk to End Alzheimer's

There are more than a million people in Texas who are caring for those suffering with Alzheimer’s. It’s a disease that has no cure and today more than a thousand of them walked to help change that.

Elida Garza was one of those who participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Camp Mabry. Garza says she knows how painful the struggle with the Alzheimer’s can be.

“His medication. And keeping him at home, so that was hard keeping him in the house, he kept getting out,” Garza says.

Garza’s father lost his battle with the debilitating disease two years ago. She says she walked today to honor him.

“By walking I feel like I’m doing this for my dad,” Garza says. “When we walk with this Alzheimer's walk it gets me closer to my dad.”

Garza is one of more than 1,500 who turned out for the walk.

Amelia Frank with the Alzheimer’s Association Capital of Texas Chapter says, “The Walk to End Zlzheimer's is the nation's largest fundraiser for Zlzheimer's care, support and research but in addition I think it's a really important community event for caregivers.”

In Texas, there are more than a million people caring for loved ones who are suffering.

“I think it can be really isolating disease to have in your family and knowing there are 1,500 other people in Austin that are dealing with the same thing to meet other people and make those bonds, that's important too,” Frank says.

People like Alyse Richardson with Team Brookdale.

“I'm looking around and I have a smile from ear to ear. It's great to see everyone here. Everyone is in great spirits. It is for an awesome cause,” Richardson says.

It’s a cause that so far in Texas has raised $200,000 this year. Richardson’s team is donating $30,000 of that.

“My grandmother passed with Alzheimer's as well as my grandmother from my husband's grandmother and right now my father is suffering some dementia so it's near and dear to my heart,” Richardson says.

And Garza says she’s thankful for those like Richardson.

“For the people who have Alzheimer's keep doing their walk for their loved ones it just means a lot,” Garza says.

If you missed today’s event, there are more walks scheduled. There will be one in Hays County on Halloween and one in Bell County on November 7th. You can get more information here.