Warrant issued for Austin man accused of assaulting pregnant girlfriend

A warrant has been issued for an Austin man accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. 

At approximately 7:30 p.m. on January 4, 2020, police responded to a disturbance call in South Austin.

According to the arrest warrant, a couple had gotten into a verbal exchange that led to 22-year-old Paul Eric Rendon striking his pregnant girlfriend multiple times.

According to the warrant, Rendon was playing video games while his girlfriend was on her phone. She told Rendon she was going to go out with friends, but Rendon told her she was not allowed to go out, which led to an argument and Rendon taking her phone and seeing a text she wrote that upset him.

His girlfriend said Rendon hit her on the side of the head with an open hand, then threw her phone, causing it to shatter, says the warrant.

The warrant also stated that Rendon destroyed property within the residence and tried to strike his girlfriend's dog. The girlfriend said she went into her room and Rendon came in, hitting her again. She grabbed his backpack and threw it outside the room, telling Rendon to leave. 

She said that Rendon then pushed her on the bed, causing her to fear injury to her stomach. Rendon also punched a wall and threw a TV and other items, says the warrant.

According to the warrant, Rendon attempted to jump off the balcony because he believed the neighbors were calling the police. He did not jump off the balcony, but headed towards the door. She grabbed him and told him he couldn't leave her and the apartment after the damage he caused, and he elbowed her in the chest and left the scene.

Because Rendon knew the victim was pregnant at the time, Rendon has been charged with Felony Enhanced Assault on Pregnant Woman, a third-degree felony.