WATCH: Curious otter fascinated by toy car

Curiosity sparked an adorable moment shared between a sea otter, two children and a toy car.

Katie Bettini was visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium with her two sons when they met Abby the Otter. Nearby, her boys found a toy car and started playing with it on the ledge along Abby’s tank.

The car, which just needed its wheels to be pulled back and released to move forward on its own, seemed to pique Abby's interest, as she swam alongside the car as it progressed on the ledge. 

“It was completely unexpected! That was not our car. One of my boys found it on the ledge and started playing with it,” Bettini wrote on Facebook. "Abby swam down and wanted to play. It was amazing!"

Another aquarium guest, Sandra Fu, captured the moment on cell phone video. 

“Abby kept coming back for more car playing,” she told FOX 13. “She’d swim up for some air and then come back to the bottom, hoping someone would move the car for her again … It had to be recorded!”

Abby is a southern sea otter who was rescued as a newborn in July 2007 by the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Rescue Center and raised at SeaWorld San Diego, according to the aquarium’s website. She transferred to Monterey Bay Aquarium to join the sea otter exhibit. She is one of six otters at the aquarium.

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