WATCH: Hungry bear steals Chick-fil-A order from Florida family's home

A very sneaky and hungry bear helped itself to a Chick-fil-A dinner that had just been delivered to a Central Florida family's home. 

Paul Newman's security camera captured the large black bear walking up to the doorstep of his Seminole County home, passing by his Christmas decorations, and taking the bag of freshly delivered fast food!

"All the nuggets. Thirty nuggets and a large fry," Newman is heard saying in the video "Poof, just like that. He didn't want the salad though, nothing to do with the salad...weird."

"Aren’t these guys supposed to be hibernating instead of stealing our food???" Newman's wife joked on Facebook. 


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A second video shows the trash left behind in Newman's yard after the bear enjoyed its meal of chicken nuggets.

Florida Fish and Wildlife reports that food availability for black bears is low during the winter months, even in Florida. The state's black bear population is around 4,000 – with two of the largest found in 2015 in Seminole County weighing 740 pounds and 760 pounds. The City of Oviedo calls Seminole County "Bear Country" because of the large population of black bears in the area. 

Officials want residents to report any bear sightings to Florida Fish and Wildlife at 352-732-1225.