Water bill surprise for one Travis County family

A Travis County family's neighborhood was annexed by the city. They got their first water bill and they can't believe how expensive it is.

The Wylie family was used to paying about $90 a month for water. Now that they are Austin residents, the city says they owe $800.

Sally Wylie's glass of water is costing her a pretty penny

"We knew it was going to increase our water bill, we just didn't think by this much," Wylie says.

Her River Place home was one of dozens annexed into Austin Water in October

Wylie says, "We go from 13,000 gallons water usage to 60,000 gallons usage."

The family of four's bill went up hundreds of dollars overnight. Wylie says when she called the city they told her she wouldn't get her money back unless she could prove a leak.

"They did come out, quite promptly actually, and they thought it was a leaking hose. I was thrilled," Wylie says.

But tightening the hose didn't work. The bills stayed the same.

Wylie says, "We had a plumber come out and there's no leak and the pool guy came and there's no leak and still we're getting these outrageous bills."

Wylie says she kept calling until she got a supervisor. They finally agreed to switch her meter out but it never happened.

"It's a frustrating system dealing with them because they can't tell you anything they are doing on their side of things to help you," Wylie says.

Wylie's latest call was on Friday. A supervisor said it could be a sprinkler. But one look and it's pretty clear that the Wylies aren't watering what little lawn they have.

"We're a little more aware of water usage right now and being more careful about how much we are using and still the $800 bills. It hasn't made any difference," Wylie says.

Wylie says she's definitely frustrated. "When you say you don't want to keep paying the bills they say they will turn off your water so you can't win."

But Wylie says she has no plans of quitting any time soon.

"I'm feeling that they're hoping I'm going to give up. I'm not there yet," Wylie says.

FOX 7 talked to a spokesperson at Austin Water and sent Wylie's name and address over. They confirm the problem is being investigated.