Weiner dogs race in third annual Wiener Dog Derby in south Austin

These fast little hot dogs are on a mission to raise some money for a non-profit.

"All proceeds go to Central Texas Dachshunds Rescue. Basically, you sign up your weenie, and you race them," said Katie Stephens, with Little Woodrow of South Austin.

About 30 Weiner dogs registered for the race.

"He's a Weiner racer named after Enzo Ferrari, so he's ready to win today," said dog parent, Arusha, introducing her racer.

"Her name is Khloe Kardashian, she is a year and nine months," said dog owner Crystal Joseph.

"Jimmy Dean Koski. I won the first race first year," said FOX 7 Austin's very own Rudy Koski.

Whether you're the proud parent of one of these pups, or just simply enjoy dog races, Little Woodrow's patio area filled up with spectators.

"This is definitely a huge deal here at Little Woodrow's. We love the pups. We are a very dog-friendly bar," said Stephens.

Some of the pups here are back to defend their title.

"This is our second time competing, and he didn't do really good on the first one, but we're going to see how he does on the second," said dog parent Kyle Jones.


And others are giving it a try for the first time.

"We came out today to support the central Texas Dachshunds rescue. This is her first event," said Joseph.

This exciting race had people predicting who will take home the wiener dog derby champion title.

"I think Jimmy Dean is going to win for sure, maybe Forest might get second, we're hoping Enzo will at least get the plaque, but you know what, we're just here for the fun," said Arusha.

The final results of the 2024 Weiner Dog Derby:

  • 1st place: Forest
  • 2nd place: Enzo
  • 3rd place: Birdie
  • 4th place: Jimmy Dean