Austin officials looking for owners of emus found at Zilker Park

The City of Austin and the Austin Zoo are working to find the owners of some exotic birds that were running loose in Zilker Park. Animal protection officers received several calls about the emus.

A video posted to social media by Austin Animal Center showed the moment residents and animal protection officers encountered a pair of Emus in Zilker Park.

"That is crazy that they are like in Austin by Zilker Park. That is like the center of Austin," says Austin resident Isabella.

Several calls were made to the city of Austin last week after the wild sighting.

"I wouldn't even know how to react if I saw a big bird like that just hanging out," says Austin resident Noe Rodriguez.

"I'm scared of birds in general, so a big bird coming and seeing them walking around I’d be terrified," says Isabella.

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When animal protection officers arrived at the park, they slowly approached the emus. The officers used a net to safely round up the birds and take them to the shelter.

"Seeing them in the nets, that was a lot," says Isabella.

Those that frequent the park have their own theory about where the emus came from.

"Honestly, they probably did escape," says Austin resident Marco.

"I hope nobody dropped them off just to leave them for dead. I guess, I would hope not," says Rodriguez.

"I don't know how they escaped. Do people own them as pets, and they just ran out? I don't know," says Isabella.

According to the Austin Animal Center, the emus stayed overnight in outdoor dog kennels and were taken to the Austin Zoo the following day.

"I think these animals should be kept in close quarters because they are a very sacred animal and should be kept with somebody who can properly take care of them and not end up in a park where a lot of people are," says Marco.

"I hope it is just a big misunderstanding. I wouldn't want to see anybody get in trouble, but at the same time, if they did just leave them there they should be punished," says Rodriguez.