Westlake teen involved in robbery, shooting

Three teens are in trouble for a robbery turned shooting. The victim in the case is in the hospital recovering. One of the teens involved is a Westlake High School student.

Danny Gauna says it was about as noisy as his street in West Travis county gets.

"No loud mufflers. No loud music from cars in stuff,” said Gauna.

However, on Saturday Lancer Lane was flooded with deputies as they helped neighbors chase down three teens involved in a robbery.

Newly released court paperwork details what happened. According to the victim, a 16-year-old contacted him by Snapchat asking if he was home.

The victim says the boy then knocked on his door with two other masked teens ordering him to give them everything he had.

17-year-old David Dewey-Haagensen was identified as having a shot gun. The victim says he grabbed the barrel as he was shot in the face. He was then shot in the shoulder. As he was running away, he was shot again the back.
The teens ran as well. Neighbors chased them down and brought them back to the scene where deputies took them into custody.
While trying to get away, Dewey-Haagensen, ran into a moving vehicle and was injured. He remains in the hospital, but has a warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

17-year-old Jesus Corrales is in jail on the same charge. He told deputies the purpose of the crime was to steal the victim’s marijuana.

The 16-year-old is in a juvenile facility and is accused of orchestrating the crime.

"My wife is just devastated, you know. We didn't know what to think. Someone comes in here with a shotgun and shooting people, lord,” said Gauna.

Gauna says he knows the victim.

"He used to maintain the yards and he'd come up and mow the grass and we'd sit out on the patio and drink water,” said Gauna.

As the victim recovers in a hospital, Eanes ISD is doing what it can to comfort parents. According to the district, one of the teens is a current student at Westlake High School. Another is a former student.

The district says the current student will not return for the foreseeable future.