Wet weather closes 50 low water crossings in Austin

The rain has been falling all day in Austin and that caused some temporary closures at low water crossings across central Texas.

One area known to be a flood risk is Williamson Creek. Thursday, the creek flooded part of Wasson Road near South Congress Avenue.

People who live near the creek said it reminded them of what happened during the 2013 Halloween Floods.

"When it gets up to the blinking lights and it's still rising, then it's like, 'Oh, here we go,'" said Jim O'Brien who lived near the creek in October 2013 when it flooded part of the neighborhood.

"The water kept rising and rising and rising," said O'Brien.

O'Brien said living near the creek that year cost him.

"My lower half [of my property] got flooded. I lost a lot of material, a barn and two vehicles," said O'Brien.

That's why when it rains down on O'Brien, he prepares for the worst.

"I don't keep things in the danger zone anymore, but it just wreaks havoc because over half my place is in that danger zone. So I just cross my fingers," said O'Brien.

Ronald Hampton also lives on Williamson creek. Hampton said Halloween 2013 was the scariest he's ever experienced.

"It turns this into a roaring rapids basically straight across," said Hampton.

The water that October made it all the way up past Hampton's sliding door and he said fixing up his home after the flood wasn't cheap.

"I mean, the cost of solid floors plus the drywall damage, the baseboards, it's pretty- it adds up," said Hampton.

Hampton and O'Brien said even with the threat in their own backyard, they want to stay where they are.

"It's home," said Hampton.